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Applied SmartFactory® CMMS

Maintenance Management
Factory-wide scheduling and optimized
maintenance management
Maintenance Management

In a factory environment, it is imperative for maintenance managers to have real‐time equipment data and flexible scheduling capabilities to ensure that equipment maintenance is performed cost effectively and resource efficient. High cost of operating factory equipment warrants the need for consistent maintenance management procedures.

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Optimize Your Inventory Levels

For factory and maintenance managers who need to lower factory costs by increasing equipment uptime and plant productivity, SmartFactory’s Xsite™ is an equipment‐centric computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that effectively manages planned, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities. It optimizes management of overall inventory levels, improves equipment availability, and decreases labor and parts costs.

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Use A Cmms Specifically For Complex Manufacturing

Xsite was specifically designed for the semiconductor factory operations; hence it contains a broad out‐of‐the box functionality to allow for efficient modeling of maintenance activities that are required to manage complex factory operations.

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Optimize Your Results With Better Schedules And Better Maintenance

Xsite is an equipment CMMS that automates maintenance management of capital equipment and assets in a factory. It provides comprehensive maintenance scheduling, enables factory‐ wide creation of unscheduled maintenance, generates alarms, and tracks maintenance activities, resources and materials based on input from equipment, people, MES and ERP systems, and other factory systems.

Xsite is the only equipment maintenance asset management product developed specifically for the semiconductor industry, providing in‐depth semi equipment hierarchy, configurability and state modeling essential for consistently achieving optimum equipment maintenance schedules.

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