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Applied SmartFactory® All Capabilities

Market demands require manufacturers to create intelligent factories. Industry leaders rely on Applied SmartFactory full automation solutions to improve process quality, increase factory productivity, and maximize the performance of manufacturing execution and supply chain.

Process Quality

Meeting product specifications in a timely and properly reducing cost of non-conformance (ConC) events that impact operating margins is critical to succeed in manufacturing. Securing a reliable process quality software solution is key to increasing yield and reducing lost product in manufacturing. Learn more

Factory Productivity

Semiconductor and OSAT manufacturers today are striving to optimize production and implementation. Securing a reliable factory productivity software solution is key to reducing variability, managing resources, ramping new products quickly, and maximizing bottleneck tool utilization. Learn more

Manufacturing Execution

Global execution of efficient manufacturing operations while producing high quality products at reduced costs is essential to remain competitive. Securing a reliable manufacturing execution software solution is key to improving time-to-market, on-time delivery, and enhanced margins with increased visibility across factory networks.
Learn more

Supply Chain

Growing complexity in manufacturing has increased the difficulty to meet on-time delivery requirements, factory capacity utilization, and cycle time objectives in supply chain. Securing a reliable supply chain software solution is key to improving on-time delivery and responsiveness for manufacturers. Learn more