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Applied Smartfactory® Rapid Response Inline Measurement

Rapid Response Inline Measurement
Meets compliance expectations
and reduces human variability
Rapid Response

Applied SmartFactory Rapid Response Inline Measurement is an integral part of the Applied Materials knowledge management initiative. Its established solid engineering practices, meets compliance expectations, and reduces human variability in manufacturing processes. It is deployed with EngineeredWorks®, which is Applied’s pre-built automation logic that executes on a proven Applied platform, increasing speed-to-value for customers and providing quicker deployment times.

Integrated Electronic Workflow Management System

Rapid Response Inline Measurement is a set of advanced models built on Electronic Corrective Action Plans (eCAP) technology that fully integrates with Applied SmartFactory SPC. It provides guidance for root cause analysis, standardizes the approach to resolve SPC violations, and offers integrated troubleshooting workflows to reduce human variability in a semiconductor manufacturing environment.

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Reduce Human Variabilities Across Modules

Audit and compliance controls: Provides the ability to guide users to follow Good Engineering Practices (GEP) and align with corporate and industry quality audit standards

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Faster resolutions to holds and inhibits: Offers an integrated workflow system that launches from the SPC chart, allowing a higher degree of automation of information to assist users in trouble shooting potential causes of inline SPC violations

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Human variability reduction: Guides users to answer the appropriate questions required to troubleshoot a process problem

Customer Results

Measurable results from Rapid Response Inline Measurement implementations include:

  • Audit conformance for commenting and flagging
  • 4% reduction in human variability across all modules over 3-month period—20% per year
  • 15% speed improvement for disposition

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