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Centura® EPI 200mm

In support of evolving Power and MEMS device requirements, device manufacturers are targeting thicker Epi layers. With film thicknesses ranging from 50µm to 110µm, and tighter fabrication tolerances for Rs (sheet resistance) uniformity, defect density, thickness and particle performance, the market is moving away from batch toward single-wafer processing.

The Applied Centura Epi system is a production-proven, single-wafer, multi-chamber epitaxial silicon deposition system with ~900 200mm chambers worldwide. Each radiantly-heated process chamber provides precise and repeatable control of deposition conditions and delivers 100% slip free films, excellent film thickness and resistivity uniformity, and low defect levels.

The wide range of temperatures and pressures, excellent temperature uniformity, and flexible gas panel configurations of the Centura Epi system enable advanced low temperature epitaxial and polycrystalline deposition processes, including germanium and silicon-germanium. In addition, the ability to configure up to 3 process chambers and hardware optimized to provide superior in-situ chamber cleaning performance deliver market leading throughput density and low cost of ownership (CoO).