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Centura® Etch

Applied Materials Centura Etch systems deliver high-productivity silicon, aluminum, and dielectric etch. Etching is one of the most critical and challenging of semiconductor production operations. Whether etching a gate, a transistor isolation trench, a high aspect ratio contact, or any level of interconnect aluminum or dielectric film, maintaining precise, repeatable, and uniform control of critical dimension is the key to device yield. The systems address 150mm and 200mm technology challenges, including silicon etching of aspect ratios >100:1 for MEMS, all-in-one hard mask open-trench-strip for shallow junction MOSFET, and new materials like indium tin oxide, silicon carbide (SiC), and gallium nitride for power devices and LEDs.

The Centura single-wafer, multi-chamber architecture enables integrated, sequential wafer processing in up to four process chambers. Applied Centura DPS Plus is the industry standard for aluminum etch. Applied Centura DPS-DTM is an advanced deep reactive ion etch system for SiC that precisely controls etch wall smoothness and trench profile, while achieving high throughput.

These systems feature:

  • Enhanced capabilities for handling SiC wafers reliably and carefully from loadlock wafer mapping to clear wafer orientation to wafer placement
  • Booster kit with columbic-type ceramic ESC and yttrium-coated process chamber
  • EyeD® advanced full-spectrum endpoint and PC Toolset for chamber-state analysis
  • Turbomolecular pump for enhanced temperature control of byproducts with blade design to reduce back streaming
  • ESC with larger wafer contact area and dual gas feed for better within-wafer performance control
  • Top RF source for higher etch rates and in-situ cleans