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Centura® iSprint™ Tungsten ALD/CVD

The Applied Centura iSprint Tungsten ALD/CVD system provides complete contact/via fill for structures with aspect ratios ranging from 4:1 to 7:1 and extends the capability of tungsten technology to 20nm/16nm for logic and memory applications.

The system combines innovative ALD tungsten nucleation layer technology with the high-throughput Sprint CVD tungsten bulk fill process to deliver CMP-compatible tungsten plugs.

The ALD process reduces the nucleation thickness from typical CVD values of 300Å to as thin as 12Å, while maintaining excellent barrier performance for reliable, repeatable integration with PVD Ti/MOCVD TiN liner/barriers.

The iSprint system also delivers high throughput and low cost of consumables with an optimized ALD chamber design featuring a proprietary rapid gas delivery system and small chamber volume that enable fast, effective gas purging that uses less gas.