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Applied SmartFactory® Activity Manager®

Activity Manager
SenseDecideRespond™ automation reduces
human latency in manufacturing
Activity Manager

In semiconductor manufacturing, unrealized manufacturing capacity, lag‐time due to workstation events and exception handling can all impact factory productivity and efficiency. These challenges can affect the efficient response to events that is required in factories. To help fab managers more effectively respond to events, SmartFactory Activity Manager provides a visual development environment for factory event handling that increases plant utilization and efficiency. Activity Manager is part of the Applied’s Advanced Productivity Family (APF) technology.

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Increase Plant Utilization

SmartFactory Activity Manager senses change in factory resources, executes business rules and responds to factory resources in real‐time. It improves the management and control of resources, equipment, software applications and personnel, maximizing ROI.

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Use A Complete Solution Based On Proven Technology

Applied Smartfactory Event Handling is based on proven tools (Activity Manager + Dispatching and Reporter) and is combined with experience in solving factory productivity issues to realize benefits in the shortest possible time.

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Easily Adapt To Changing Conditions As They Occur

Activity Manager improves factory utilization and productivity by providing fab managers with an easy‐to‐use, icon‐based visual development environment that allows them to create workflow‐based jobs in real time. Users can discover untapped manufacturing capacity and take advantage of it by improving pull scheduling, shortening production lead times and reducing work‐in‐process (WIP) inventory.

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