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The Applied SmartFactory is the most comprehensive control and productivity suite in manufacturing.

어플라이드 스마트팩토리(The Applied SmartFactory)는 제조공정의 제어와 생산성을 가장 종합적으로 관리할 수 있는 시설입니다. 어플라이드 스마트팩토리는  세계 각국 대량생산공장의 적용사례를 통해 입증되고 한층 더 발달한 기술로 작동됩니다. 공장 활동을 감지할 뿐만 아니라 다음 활동을 결정하고 예견하며 주도적으로 해결책을 찾습니다. 이를 통해 AMK 고객의 생산 수율과 제품 산출량이 증가하고 공정 시간과 비용이 감소하는 것은 물론 수익성이 개선되고 있습니다. 

UMC Shares Success With The Applied SmartFactory®

UMC’s YY Chen, CIM Director, 300mm Manufacturing Execution System, describes how UMC achieves manufacturing operations excellence with The Applied SmartFactory® including, 300works™ MES, Real-Time Dispatching, Equipment Data Acquisition, and Full Automation workflow.

Applied SmartFactory is Shaping the Future

Market demands require manufacturers to create intelligent factories. Industry leaders rely on Applied Automation Software to improve process quality, increase factory performance, and maximize the performance of manufacturing equipment.

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Infineon Technologies Shares Insights On Manufacturing Improvement Using The Applied SmartFactory®

Keep your factory healthy and running smoothly with the security achieved through Applied Materials software maintenance program. Enable further performance improvement and optimize opportunities through the integration of technologies designed to address the complexities of business priorities and market demands.