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Heterojunction Solutions

The printer, capable to deliver up to 6,000 wph, is characterized by many novelties for the legacy rotary table:

  • Lighter shuttle structure for higher flexibility in format change: from 162 mm to 210 mm with limited tuning
  • Higher printing repeatability of ±5 μm
  • Improved ergonomics and accessibility

Moving to the drying ovens, Applied Baccini® offers two differentiated solutions to meet specific customer requirements:

  • Short profile oven with linear belt
  • A hot-air, cassette type oven with a drying time ranging from 5 to 8 minutes

For the curing process, we offer our well-established hot-air cassette-type oven. Its latest version oven can process all wafer formats from 162 mm to 210 mm, featuring high-temperature uniformity (+/- 3°C) and a maximum curing time of 40 minutes.

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