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Following the increasing demand of highly automated process control methods, metallization lines can be provided with embedded metrology tools. All the measurement system can provide real time data to I4.0 data management system.

  • Applied's LED Solar Simulator is a class A+A+A+ LED-based flasher for IV testing and PV cells classification.
  • Esatto AOI™ is the proprietary solution for optical inspection of printed patterns and quality enforcement. The 25 MPX sensor and state-of-the-art automatic software recognition find any tiny imperfections in the pattern and work with the tool to ensure the quality is immediately restored. Thanks to the full integration, Esatto AOI is also used to control and correct alignment accuracy.
  • 3D profilometer: with less than one-micron resolution in the third direction, the inline 3D profilometer can scan printed cells without production stops or delays. The 3D profiles of fingers and busbars are acquired in multiple cell areas to monitor the process's stability and corrected any drift in real-time.
  • Autoscales automatically control the weight of the printed paste by measuring the wafers with a high-precision scale (resolution of 0.1 mg and accuracy of 1 mg) before and after printing, completely replacing manual procedure and providing real-time data to the I4.0 data management system.

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