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Applied SmartFactory® Capacity Planning

Simulation AutoSched
Simulate the output and the future state of the factory
Simulation AutoSched

In semiconductor manufacturing, a discrepancy between the capacity of a semiconductor manufacturer’s fab(s) and the demands of its customers, results in inefficiency, either in underutilized resources or unfulfilled customers. A strong need exists to improve utilization of existing capacity. AutoSched® is the only product that can efficiently model the complexities and details of semiconductor manufacturing, providing quick analysis necessary for decision makers.

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Discover Hidden Capacity In Your Factory

AutoSched identifies hidden and wasted factory capacity, enabling increased system performance and lowering costs by reducing WIP/buffer levels and improving cycle times, utilizations and decision logic/rules.

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Use The Industry Standard For Semiconductor Modeling

AutoSched is the industry standard for modeling semiconductor operations worldwide and is used by top manufacturers. It is a fast and accurate modeling tool that allows you to simulate operations in your facility to assist with intelligent planning and scheduling.

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Make The Best Manufacturing Decisions

AutoSched enables production and planning managers to model their facility in order to make optimal manufacturing decisions. It runs high‐speed “what‐if” scenarios to determine opportunities for improving WIP throughput and capacity utilization—all without disrupting manufacturing operations.

AutoSched lets you create and run a virtual model of your manufacturing system to analyze, predict and optimize operations. Creating a model of your facility enables you to experiment with scheduling rules and equipment, and operator cycles offline. When models run, AutoSched produces reports, graphs and Gantt charts to help managers understand how production and manufacturing variables change over time.

Because it is integrated with Applied SmartFactory® Fusion, AutoSched enables you to analyze factory floor dispatching rules offline, providing even greater continuous improvement opportunities.

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