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Applied SmartFactory® Run­-to-­Run Control

Out-of-box solution to improve process capability

Controlling process disruptions is essential as today’s factories invest more in automated information handling, equipment integration and advanced process control (APC) tools such as Run‐to‐Run (R2R) controllers that monitor and control process variances. The SmartFactory® Run-to-Run solution is an out-of-box (OOB) APC solution that improves process capability (Cpk) and optimizes tool recipe parameters. It is deployed with EngineeredWorks®, which is Applied’s pre-built automation logic that executes on a proven Applied platform, increasing speed-to-value for customers and providing quicker deployment times.

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Improve Your Process Capabilities

SmartFactory Run-to-Run offers a patented model predictive control platform providing a multivariate, constrained, optimization-based process controller with proven deployment success. Historical data from SmartFactory Run-to-Run implementations at customer sites have shown over 30% improvement in Cpk on several tool types. Implementations have also resulted in a 75% reduction in rework rate in the photolithography module.

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Lower Your Cost Of Ownership

SmartFactory out-of-box (OOB) Run-to-Run solutions currently include Furnace, Photolithography, Etch, CMP and CVD modules. The solution reduces model management activities through a unified modeling structure approach and advanced patented technology. Manufacturers benefit from SmartFactory’s R2R solution by improving process capability, reducing send‐ahead and pilot wafers, and improving overall equipment effectiveness.

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Improve Process Consistency And Product Quality

With Run-to-Run, manufacturers can make automatic adjustments to processes to maintain a required target value for specific properties, such as wafer thickness and critical dimension. Manufacturers can also use metrology data from each process step to adjust process recipes on a run‐to‐run basis and define customized strategies, such as rework, to be performed in a highly automated fashion. The solution is designed to support high-mix and low-volume manufacturing operations, which have always posed a challenge in the industry.

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