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Applied SmartFactory® MES

Your high volume factory—your way.
Always available.

In today’s complex manufacturing environment, you need a way to apply your experience and expertise when running factory systems—systems that are always available. Semiconductor leading fabs do this with FAB300®. As your needs evolve, FAB300 is scalable with your growing business and can be updated without any factory impact.

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Implement Business Rules Without Programming

FAB300 provides an extensible framework for implementing your proprietary operating practices through workflows, without the need for programming. It can be upgraded “on‐ the‐fly” where factory operations are not even aware a change has taken place.

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Scale Your Fab As Volume Increases

FAB300 is recognized in the most critical fabs in the industry—running for years without no‐ downtime upgrades. FAB300 is capable of supporting in excess of 500,000 wafer starts, with room to spare. Its highly available architecture responds to component failure, without any impact on high volume operations.

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Implement Your Factory Vision—and Adapt In Minutes, Not Months

FAB300 is a fab management system that offers a single environment for rapidly building a tailored, computer‐integrated manufacturing solution based on standardized components. FAB300 supports wafer traceability, cluster tool models and advanced process controls, which are often lacking in traditional systems.

FAB300 is the only MES with a fully automated, integration‐ready framework that is proven to integrate with other factory applications, especially other Applied SmartFactory technologies, including Applied E3® and APF RTD® and Reporter to achieve a total factory solution. This environment ensures that customer intellectual property (IP) is in the data—maintained in workflow models—separated from the code and easily protected. Applied Materials supplies the components and building blocks, and customers own their processes and business IP.

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