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Applied SmartFactory® Monitor

Advanced Monitoring to detect and
predict software system failures

Manufacturers are striving to maintain uninterrupted software system availability because unscheduled downtime can cripple production, introduce shipment delays, and ultimately cause increased costs and lost revenue. SmartFactory Monitor uses advanced analytics to patrol software systems, enhance factory operations, and ensure manufacturing applications are running at peak performance.


Monitor offers expert-produced monitoring functionalities to protect production in real-time. It collects critical indicators from databases, servers and manufacturing applications, and sets up optimized alerts, which lead to actionable insights. The automatic and real-time monitoring dashboard then helps sort and prioritize by severities, allowing engineers to instantly identify root cause, creating an efficient closed-loop process.


Monitor provides the capability to predict future fab events with advanced analytics, which reduces unscheduled downtime. Using machine learning, Monitor uses production data to predict software system failures and conveniently summarizes results on the performance dashboard. Users can take preventive actions based on alarms and fix problems in advance, consequently, production interruptions are significantly reduced.


Monitor cuts through the noise found in production data. It categorizes alerts so that response teams are not distracted by false alarms or low-priority incidents, which facilitates faster MTTR.

The Common Framework from Data Extraction to Reporting Analytics

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