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Applied SmartFactory® MES

MES that continues to adapt to your
evolving business needs

You have been using PROMIS® for many years—but are you taking advantage of recent releases? PROMIS continues to provide up‐to‐date features for improving manufacturing quality and productivity, new integration options and user interface enhancements.

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Improve Quality And Adapt To Dynamic Business Requirements

Customers continue to rely on PROMIS to leverage its rich features and out‐of‐the‐box capabilities designed to facilitate training new operators who are familiar with browser‐ based GUIs and drag and drop environments. Recent features eliminate risk of common errors in rework and process management.

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Use The Leader Of Efficient Fab Operation Modeling

Recent versions of PROMIS help you eliminate scrap due to certain types of common key‐ user modeling errors by minimizing the need to customize—either by using new features or implementing unique rules as Web Services.

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Impact Your Operations

PROMIS reduces the effort to maintain process models and lowers the risk of key‐user error. It offers web‐service implementation options, letting you leverage the opportunity to customize PROMIS behavior without the need to touch code—all on the fly. This also enhances the ease of integrating other SmartFactory capabilities.

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