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Applied SmartFactory® FullAuto

Improves factory productivity & eliminates white space

SmartFactory FullAuto is an automated execution system that improves factory productivity and eliminates white space by executing advanced real-time event-based factory automation workflows.


Semiconductor and OSAT manufacturers today are striving to optimize production and implementation. Some of the key challenges these manufacturers face include:

  • Reacting to events in real-time to minimize white space on tools
  • Maximizing bottleneck tool utilization
  • Reducing the need of expert operators to manage production
  • Managing shortages of industrial engineering experts and development resources
  • Handling delays in deployment, resulting in long payback times


A major advantage of the FullAuto solution is the ability to reduce white space on tools and reduce the need of expert operators to manage factory operations. FullAuto jobs are customized for a given factory, contain multiple criteria, and can also handle many exception handling scenarios.


As an out-of-the-box solution, it is deployed quickly to rapidly enhance factory operations. Tight integration capability is provided to key factory data sources with standard offerings for well-known manufacturing execution systems (MES), as well as custom capability for integrating to in-house MES and database systems.


FullAuto customers automate dispatch decisions and improve asset utilization, which drives greater returns on investment and profitability. Increase in fab performance reported publicly by customers using the core technology of the FullAuto solution, which include:

  • >17% reduction in delivery time, resulting in improved throughput for bottleneck tools
  • 65% reduction in the number of super operators in 200 mm fab
  • >Achieved >95% of automatic execution of lots within 8 months in 300 mm fab
  • 20% decreased move time of overhead hoist buffer (OHB)
  • 10% increase in tool utilization

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