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Producer® CVD

Advanced 150mm and 200mm CVD technologies are required for the “More-than-Moore” market segments, such as MEMS and power devices. Some examples of these technologies are thicker films (≥20µm), lower temperature processes (180°-350°C), more conformal films, and new materials such as low-temperature PECVD silicon germanium (SiGe) and amorphous silicon (a-Si).

With thousands of systems shipped worldwide, the Applied Producer platform is the most cost-effective wafer processing product in the industry. Its innovative Twin Chamber architecture enables simultaneous processing of up to six wafers for superior productivity. The platform is equipped with enhanced capabilities for handling SiC wafers reliably and carefully from loadlock wafer mapping to clear wafer orientation to wafer placement. The system delivers TEOS and SiC throughputs of up to 110wph (3,000Å PE TEOS and plasma silane) and USG throughput of up to 65wph (2000Å SACVD USG). With ceramic heaters and chamber components and a remote plasma source for chamber cleans, the Producer delivers the lowest defectivity for CVD films.

Besides traditional PECVD (TEOS and silane-based oxides and nitrides) and sub-atmospheric CVD films, the Producer system accommodates low-k, strain engineering, litho-enabling films, thermal films, high-temperature PECVD applications, SiGe, and a-Si. Platform extendibility enables customers to leverage the Producer toolset for multiple device types and process nodes.