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The VIISta HCP implanter leverages Varian's pioneering single-wafer high current technology to deliver high yields and the industry's best productivity.

Innovations on the dual-magnet ribbon beam architecture improve beam line transmission, on-wafer beam utilization, and beam current output.

VIISta HCP’s dual-magnet ribbon beam architecture isolates the wafer from particles created by depositions and beam strike in the implant source chambers and beam line elements.

The VIISta HCP measures and adjusts beam steering by means of the closed-loop Varian Positioning System that delivers accurate, repeatable, and interlocked incident angle control for true zero-degree and precise tilted angle implants.

The optional VIISta HCP PTC II configuration enhances the HCP platform with cryogenic implantation capabilities that enable damage engineering and precision materials modification applications. At advanced nodes, dopant activation and elimination of end-of-range defects become significant challenges that can impede the scaling of high-performance chips.