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Applied SmartFactory® APF RTD®

Select the optimal lot to process at a step based
on the real-time state of the factory
RTD and Reporter

Based on the proven technology of APF RTD®, the potential to produce more with the same equipment and personnel, while doing it in a more predictive and consistent manner, is an important competitive advantage. To leverage this potential, manufacturers need an intelligent decision maker to improve productivity across the entire facility. SmartFactory offers this ability by providing real‐ time and high performance capabilities for dispatching and reporting. APF RTD and Reporter is part of the Applied’s Advanced Productivity Family (APF) technology.

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Identify And Implement Process Improvements

APF RTD and Reporter are the only real‐time, high‐performance dispatching and reporting solutions that help manufacturers identify and implement process improvements without complex application programming. The solution is designed to improve cycle time distribution by 50%, reduce tool idle time by 7% and improve balance by 30%.

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Optimize Dispatch Decisions And Improve Asset Utilization

With APF RTD and Reporter, manufacturers can develop customized rules and improve dispatching analyses and decisions by directing pre‐staging, releasing lots and adjusting load balancing of production equipment, carriers and labor. It enables customers to drive greater returns on investment and profitability by increasing wafer output, reducing costs and cycle times, and increasing tool utilization.

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APF RTD and Reporter provides high performance and proven dispatching and reporting functionality with a no‐code, easy‐to‐use rule formatter. Complex code is not required to develop dispatch rules and reports; all APF RTD rules and reports are icon‐based.

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