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Applied SmartFactory® Recipe Management

Recipe Management
Automated recipe condition control with historical traceability
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SmartFactory Recipe Management is a recipe body and recipe parameter control application, powered by the Applied E3® module. Factories must mitigate human error while ensuring recipe condition validity and accurate runtime execution to achieve quality and cost objectives. Typical manufacturing environments contain thousands of recipes requiring version control and traceability for quality compliance, and access control for IP protection. SmartFactory Recipe Management provides engineering functions, and quality control capabilities matched to manufacturing objectives.

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Automated Efficiency

Recipe Management run-time validation controls equipment constants and recipe parameter values, reducing misprocessing risk and processing variability. Validation sequences can be triggered upon manual loading or the run-time validation can be fully automated in conjunction with SmartFactory Equipment Automation. Observed and reported results have seen 10%-15% increase in wafer output per day with automated dispatching and a 10% increase in tool utilization.

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Human Error Reduction

The largest contributor to misprocessing and scrap events is human error, accounting for 50% of annual line yield loss. Recipe Management provides version history, compare functionality, and validation against recipe specifications to mitigate the risk of recipe related rework and scrap. Parameter level control reduces errors due to updates of an incorrect step, modifying the wrong parameter or simply a typographical input.

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Business Continuity Protection

Built on a high availability E3 module, Recipe Management centralized storage protects both internal and external IP utilizing object access security and download/delete execution mode. Centralization also creates recipe redundancy, protecting business continuity in the event of inadvertent tool side recipe loss. It ensures that valid recipes are accessible to tools when needed and that recipes are visible to appropriate users as per organizational requirements.

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This diagram shows the simplified runtime integration of SmartFactory applications for automated recipe validation