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Reports and Policies

Applied Materials makes an impact on the world through product innovation and its economic, environmental, and social contributions. Our annual sustainability and annex reports demonstrate our commitment to business and global sustainability, highlight the company’s social responsibility accomplishments, and provide key performance data in these areas of business.

Sustainability Reports

2020 Sustainability Report

2020 Sustainability Report Annex

2019 Sustainability Report

2019 Sustainability Report Annex

2018 CSR Report

2017 CSR Report

2016 Citizenship Report

Diversity and Inclusion Reports

Changes in Diversity 2016-2019 Report

2017 Diversity and Inclusion Report

EEO-1 (2016-2020)

Education Report

2016 Education Initiative

Public Policy Reports

1H 2021 Semi-Annual Political Contributions

2H 2020 Semi-Annual Political Contributions

1H 2020 Semi-Annual Political Contributions

2020 Federal Lobbying Expenditures

2020 U.S. Trade, Business and Civic Associations Membership

2H 2019 Semi-Annual Political Contributions

1H 2019 Semi-Annual Political Contributions

2019 U.S. Trade, Business and Civic Associations Membership

2H 2018 Semi-Annual Political Contributions

2018 U.S. Trade, Business and Civic Associations Membership

1H 2018 Semi-Annual Political Contributions

2017 Political Contributions and U.S. Trade Associations


Conflict Minerals Report

ISO Certifications


Applied Materials Human Rights Policy

Applied Materials Responsible Minerals Sourcing Policy

Standards of Business Conduct

CA Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Declarable Substances List

Supplier Diversity Statement