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Reflexion® LK CMP

The integrated post-CMP Desica® cleaner uses unique full-immersion Marangoni™ vapor drying technology to virtually eliminate watermark defects and dramatically reduce particle contamination. The wafer is so clean after CMP (<100 45nm defects on a 300mm wafer) that compared to the entire surface area of the earth, the remaining contaminants would cover only 0.3 acres, the size of a medium sized suburban garden.

The Applied Reflexion LK CMP system also implements a full suite of endpoint methods, in-line metrology and advanced process control capabilities that ensure excellent within-wafer and wafer-to-wafer process control and repeatability for all planarization applications. Its patented window-in-pad technology enables accurate real-time polish control of every wafer without compromising throughput. The new FullVision® in-situ endpoint system, for all stop-in and stop-on dielectric applications, uses broadband spectroscopy to significantly improve Cpk and minimize wafer scrap caused by drifts in consumable sets and incoming wafer variations.