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Applied SmartFactory® Material Control

Material Control
Reliability = revenue for your factory
Material Control

Having an inadequate MCS solution impacts throughput and cycle time. Any interruption in the automation system caused by MCS reliability concerns can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue.

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Value for Your Fab: Reliable, Scalable, Flexible, Efficient and Maintainable

CLASS MCS 5 has proven  reliability of  >99.99% uptime per year reported at multiple factories which translates to higher throughput and better revenue for your factory. CLASS MCS 5 is highly scalable supporting both small and large factories. Be assured of future factory expansion with no down-time or connecting multiple fabs with a single MCS instance.

CLASS MCS 5 is the most flexible MCS on the market; choose any AMHS solution or multiple AMHS providers in the same factory and be assured your MCS will enable automation without interruption. CLASS MCS 5 comes pre-integrated with the most common MES systems on the market. CLASS MCS 5 efficiently manages material movement by selecting the best path through the factory.

Root cause analysis is streamlined and fast due to a rich database of searchable, filterable integrated logs (host, system and equipment combined) and our Factory KPI reporting capabilities are unparalleled due to a large statistical data set of predefined and user customizable statistical reports (MPH, delivery time, utilization, alarms). CLASS MCS 5 has a reputation for maintainability, Applied Materials offers 24x7 in-country support, a comprehensive product roadmap, and regular free product updates.

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CLASS MCS 5 is the Market Leader in Material Control Systems

CLASS MCS 5 installations currently exceed 60+ high volume factories worldwide in both semiconductor and display cleanroom fabs. When you choose CLASS MCS 5, you gain the benefit of a mature and stable product with embedded enhancements influenced by a large user community and from the combined experience of over 250 Applied Materials MCS installations.

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Why Factories Choose CLASS MCS 5

CLASS MCS 5 is a real-time material control system (MCS) that works out-of-the-box to reduce costs, increase automation efficiency, and improve throughput and inventory control.


  • Customizable factory dashboard – Represent your fab any way you like with a highly customizable graphical user interface and monitor AMHS performance, carrier movement and drill-down to anomalies quickly.
  • Track material –Know where carriers are in real-time or historically determine how/when they arrived.
  • Factory KPIs – Track your factory KPIs and maintain their history for several years (MPH, delivery time, utilization, errors).


  • Scalable to your factory size – CLASS MCS 5 comes in both a Basic and Premier edition. We can support both small and large factories scaled and priced appropriately to meet your needs.
  • Expand without risk – No limits on future growth and no disruptions to a running factory. Easily expand and change your AMHS automation components to support emerging market trends with no MCS down-time and no need to replace your MCS.
  • MCS Development Kit – Expand upon CLASS MCS 5’s rich feature set with your own factory customizations. With our MDK you can create your own differentiating capabilities, which plug and play with CLASS MCS 5.
  • Quick installation and startup – Our professional deployment staff and superior out-of-the-box product capability enable efficient and quick installations into your factory. Typical installations occur in 1 or 2 days.


  • Intelligent route selection – CLASS MCS 5 chooses the best path to move material through the factory based upon delivery time, utilization, priority or equal distribution.
  • Root-cause analysis – Quickly get to the root cause of delivery issues (fast-find the "Who", "What", "When", "Where" and "Why") with a rich database of searchable, filterable, exportable and integrated logs (host, system and equipment data logging is combined and sequentially time-stamped)
  • Anomaly handling and auto-paging – Improve automation support staff efficiency by eliminating the need to manually recover from common errors. CLASS MCS 5 automatically recovers from common automation anomalies (E84, double store, empty retrieve, re-route, cancel, stocker full, alternates, etc.) and alerts automation staff of the recovery.
  • Manual move and cycle – Verify factory expansion setup quickly or resolve troublesome material bottlenecks easily with user privileged tools which can by-pass higher order automation systems (MES, dispatching, route setup) for fast test and recovery conditions.


  • Reliability – CLASS MCS 5 >99.99% uptime translates to higher material throughput year after year and greater bottom line revenue for your factory. Total cost of ownership is significantly lower due to CLASS MCS 5’s reliability compared to inferior MCS solutions.

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