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A Letter from Charlie Pappis

The Next Big Thing: We’re Ready for it

Charlie Pappis

Group Vice President and General Manager, Applied Global Services

Charlie PappisThese days the semiconductor industry is abuzz with speculation about
the “next big thing” to follow smartphones and tablets. Will it be one new groundbreaking technology or waves of innovation across multiple markets? Will it be tied to the Internet of Things (IoT) or will a wild card product emerge from the deck?

This issue of Nanochip Fab Solutions offers an intriguing investigation into the technology path to the next big thing, with insights from market watchers and industry insiders.

While it’s exciting to ponder what changes the next big thing may bring, there are some aspects of our business that aren’t likely to change at all. For example, our customers will always need service offerings that help make them more productive, efficient and profitable, which means that Applied Materials will continue to deliver on its value proposition: higher device performance and yield at lower cost.

In this edition you’ll learn how Applied is continuously evolving services and spares offerings designed to resolve your most challenging problems at every stage of the product life cycle. You’ll meet Seehack Foo, the new vice president of Applied Global Services’ Semiconductor Service and Components business unit, and read about the technology-specific service business units we have established to collaborate with their corresponding tool development teams.

You’ll read about new technology-enabled service offerings that can help solve your highest value problems. The article details work by our Advanced Services team to predict epi lamp failure 5 days in advance with 90% accuracy, significantly reducing unscheduled downtime. Another article introduces our Global Continuous Improvement team, which is driving greater customer satisfaction and improved business results through sustained improvements in speed, quality and cost. In one case, by analyzing our service performance, we achieved >50% reduction in resolution of long-duration particle events, helping customers achieve their production goals faster.

New hardware solutions are also featured prominently. Applied has developed a hardware upgrade kit to enhance the thick silicon epi film capabilities of the 200mm Centura Epi platform. This single-chamber, single-vendor capability is unique in the industry, and can help you reduce costs and complexity. To serve customers in the 200mm power devices and MEMS segments, Applied’s 200mm Endura PVD chamber has been enhanced to deliver a competitive, state-of-the-art, single-chamber and cluster solution for thick Al and AlN that meet volume-production throughput targets.

There are new Applied software solutions as well. You’ll read how Seagate used APF Fusion, the latest addition to Applied Materials’ Advanced Productivity Family (APF) software suite, to integrate a real-time dispatching (RTD) rule into simulation, validate its effects on key performance indicators, and save $100,000 in labor costs alone!

As the semiconductor manufacturing process grows increasingly complex, so do the needs of our customers. We understand that, and are constantly adding depth to our service offerings so we can tackle your highest value problems quickly and cost-effectively—no matter what the next big thing is.