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    On the Scene at SEMI’s European MEMS & Sensors Summit

    By Mike Rosa, PhD.

    CEA Leti recently hosted the European MEMS & Sensor Summit in Grenoble, France, considered by many in More-than-Moore (MTM) circles as a must-attend event. Organized by SEMI Europe and now in its third year, the Summit had over 370 registered attendees from 25 countries, including stakeholders from MEMS, imaging and sensor device supply chains to discuss new technologies, smart integration of sensors for innovative applications and future market opportunities.

    Figure 1. Source: David Horsley, CTO, Chirp Microsystems, Inc. (European MEMS & Sensors Summit, September 2017.)

    With six keynote presentations, over 50 invited speakers, and more than 50 exhibitors at the Summit’s industry showcase, the event brought together people from academia and industry to share the latest breakthroughs in technology, production, and equipment.

    Keynote presenters included SEMI Europe President Laith Altimime, CEA Leti CEO Marie Noelle Semeria, ST Microelectronics CEO Carlo Bozotti, and Chae Lee, Senior VP from LG Electronics, among others.

    The seamless integration of technology in our everyday lives was a common theme in the opening keynote presentations, including ideas about how to advance the Smart Home, Smart Factory, sensor fusion and augmented reality. A common theme was a belief that our future is connected, convenient, and capable of being recorded, played back, or edited at the touch of a button.

    Figure 2. ST Microelectronics President and CEO Carlo Bozotti’s keynote presentation outlined requirements for next-wave sensor technologies in multiple applications including these for industrial and automotive sensors. Source: “The Next Wave of Sensors – Smart & Connected,” STMicrosystems, European MEMS & Sensors Summit, September 2017.

    On the first day of the Summit, industry analysts from Yole Developpement, IHS Technology, and SAR Insight & Consulting presented their views of the industry, including how the five senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight) are replicated by their MEMS-based equivalents.

    At the industry showcase, exhibitors demonstrated their wares, including the following:

    • Bosch showcased its latest micro-scanner technology for interactive laser projection – a full color laser projector no larger than a match box.
    • Philips Innovation Services demonstrated its capacitive micro-machined ultrasonic transducer (cMUT) for object detection and avoidance.
    • Si-Ware exhibited its MEMS Spectral Sensor – enabling multi-spectral materials sensing on-the-go. The Si-Ware system can check the ripeness of a fruit selection, detect gluten in an allergic person’s bread, or calculate the alcohol or caffeine content in a drink.
    • Hap2U demonstrated its haptic solution for touch-screen applications.

    Other presentations focused on the total immersion of one’s self in the electronic experience, revealing a future where the individual is digitally immersed in his or her surroundings. Gesture recognition is key to these experiences, as the demonstrations often using a flick of a wrist or a wave of a hand to command appliances or operate the controls of a car.

    The demonstrations often included a way to back up one’s experiences. Combined with virtual and augmented reality systems, the user could then replay those experiences, sharing them with friends and family. Or the user could change those experiences at will, editing the memory, finally perfecting that ski jump or nailing that landing – for all to see.

    Applied Materials is committed to continued support of customers in the MEMS and related technology areas. A major sponsor for a third year, Applied Materials executives in strategic and technical marketing and business development participated in the Europe event. The company will also sponsor and participate in the upcoming MEMS & Sensors Congress, set for November 1-2, 2017, in Napa Valley, California.

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