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Centura® Etch 200mm

Patterning is one of the most critical and challenging of all semiconductor production operations. Whether etching a gate, a transistor isolation trench, a high aspect ratio contact, or any level interconnect aluminum or dielectric film; maintaining precise, repeatable and uniform control of critical dimension is the key to device yield.

New 200mm technology challenges that Applied Centura Etch Reactors address include: silicon etching of aspect ratios >100:1 for MEMS, all in one hard mask open-trench-strip for SJ MOSFET, and new materials like ITO and GaN for LEDs and Power Devices. Today approximately 2,000 Centura Etchers are in production providing customers with high productivity Silicon, Aluminum and Dielectric etch solutions.

Applied Materials Centura DPS Plus is the Industry standard for aluminum etches.

The Centura single-wafer, multi-chamber architecture enables integrated, sequential wafer processing in up to four process chambers. Key etch upgrades include:

  • Booster Kit featuring new columbic type Ceramic Electrostatic Chuck and yttrium coated process chamber
  • EyeD advanced full spectrum endpoint and chamber state analysis PC Toolset
  • Black Jacket Turbo with particle reduction adapter
  • CT+ technology upgrade for dielectric etch extension to 70nm and below.