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Nokota™ ECD

The Nokota system expands the Applied Materials suite of electrochemical deposition systems with a high-productivity wafer-level packaging tool that delivers best-in-class performance for the full range of plating steps used in diverse packaging schemes. These range from flip chip and wafer-level chip-scale packages to 2D and 3D fan-out, 2.5D interposer designs, and through-silicon via. Systems are available for 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm operation, and for simultaneous processing of 150mm/200mm and 200mm/300mm wafers. Copper, tin/silver alloy, nickel, gold, tin, and palladium are the metals most commonly used, although others can be accommodated.

The system is designed to deliver superior on-wafer performance, reliability, wafer protection, extendibility, and productivity. Combined, these attributes make possible more than 330 additional hours of production per year, making the Nokota system the most reliable and productive plating product on the market with the lowest cost of operation.

The unique SafeSeal™ assembly ensures ultimate protection for every wafer, sealing each one prior to processing and protecting it throughout a single- or multi-metal plating sequence. Pre-process seal leak testing and post-process cleaning, inspection, and validation ensure that each wafer is properly sealed and protected before the plating process begins. Also unique in the industry, the HotSwap™ mechanism that operates outside the process chambers enables automated SafeSeal replacement in parallel with uninterrupted production. Combined, these two aspects of system operation avoid wafer scrap and completely eliminate tool downtime for seal maintenance or replacement. VMax™ process chambers ensure maximum mass transfer control that produces optimal co-planarity at high plating rates. An in-chamber clean is integrated into each process chamber for immediate post-process wafer rinsing.

Delivering productivity well beyond that achieved by other systems on the market, the modular Nokota system, features high reliability components and unique single-chamber configurability (vs. the typical chamber pairs) for maximum flexibility and system extendibility from R&D through pilot production to high-volume manufacturing. Rapid (<1 day) reconfiguration makes the Nokota system ideal for the growing number of fabs handling varying product mixes and capacity demands.