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Producer XP Precision™ CVD

The Precision chamber’s specialized design enables uniform layer-to-layer deposition with the film quality required for the gate stack, allowing chipmakers to transition from planar to 3D NAND production. Uniquely capable of tuning multiple process and chamber environment parameters, the product is the only tool that enables customers to deposit alternating layers of different films with exacting uniformity and minimal defect counts.

The Precision system also enables deposition of a new class of hard mask films, such as Saphira™ APF, whose high selectivity, low stress, and greater transparency make them ideal for emerging high aspect ratio and densely patterned features. These films can withstand the long etch processes required for fabricating next-generation 3D NAND, in which the number of layers is expected to continue to grow, and the high aspect ratio features of advanced DRAM.

Designed for high-productivity manufacturing, the modular Producer XP Precision system combines production-proven Producer mainframe architecture and high-speed system protocol with faster, more efficient, Precision chamber processing technology to deliver superior throughput density.