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Reflexion® LK Prime™ CMP

Featuring six polishing stations and eight integrated cleaning stations with advanced process controls, the system delivers the precision processing these 3D applications require, with unmatched uniformity and high throughput. Its greater polishing and cleaning capacity (14 vs. 7 stations on the previous-generation platform), and optimized wafer handling make possible up to double previous wafer throughputs for many applications, resulting in up to a 100 percent improvement in productivity.

The flexibility to use each polish and cleaning station independently enables flexibility to run sequential, parallel, or batch processes as well as a greater degree of customization on each platen. For example, the thicker film layers and broad topography of 3D NAND need long, steady polishes. Executing these as a series of shorter polishes over multiple platens enables stable, predictable planarization. This in turn helps to optimize on-wafer performance and reduce defects. Specialized polish heads, and enhanced real-time profile and endpoint controls contribute to precise process control and repeatability that can meet future device node requirements.