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The Varian VIISta PLAD™ plasma-based, ultra-high dose implant technology delivers a production-proven method to rapidly implant high dopant concentrations over the entire wafer surface using a low-energy process that will not disturb sensitive circuit features.

The system delivers industry-leading dose retention and uniformity, with key features enabling the following benefits:

  • High-density, low-energy plasma enables high productivity without substrate etching or damage
  • Advanced RF technology facilitates unique deposition control
  • Pulsed DC bias provides accurate energy, depth, and dose control with wide process window
  • Variable duty factor enhances process flexibility
  • Closed-loop faraday minimizes mass production risks with in-situ dose control

VIISta PLAD™ technology is installed on the VIISta platform common to other Varian implant systems. This commonality helps to shorten the time to first silicon and facilitate productivity across all applications.