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Applied SmartFactory® Durables Management

Durables Management
Improve asset utilization with factory-wide
durables management
Durables Management

High complexity in manufacturing requires sophisticated durable management. Such complexity can be effectively managed only through automation. SmartFactory iDurables is an automated durable management system that tracks and manages durables (probe cards, reticles, carriers, pumps, valves) throughout their life cycle, resulting in improved asset utilization. With iDurables, manufacturers can ensure that critical production assets are managed to gain optimum efficiency.

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Integrate Across Factory Systems

Integrated real‐time durable management removes variances of durable qualification tactics from shift to shift, eliminates unreliable manual updates and significantly reduces the amount of time spent searching for improperly stored durables. SmartFactory iDurables integrates across MES (manufacturing execution system), MCS (material control system), dispatching and maintenance management factories.

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Improve Asset Utilization And Drive Greater Roi And Profitability

Engineers using iDurables can improve asset utilization, which drives greater ROI and profitability. Historical data from implementing iDurables at customer sites have shown 50% reduction of durables such as reticles “not found at track‐in” at stepper tools, 3% improvement in equipment utilization and reduced staging resources in photo area, allowing operators to focus on other areas.

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Automate Durable Management

iDurables allows users to define a state model to track and manage the life cycle of any durable. It automates durable management by providing accurate, real‐time location updates, re‐qualification and inspection management and real‐time state transitions. iDurables data can even be used by Applied APF RTD for real‐time decision‐making control and WIP management, reducing litho‐cell idle time for misplaced reticles and probe cards or inaccurate use states.

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