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Celebrating a Decade of Nanochip

Nanochip Staff

This year Nanochip Fab Solutions celebrates its 10th anniversary. Since our premier edition in July 2006, we’ve published nearly 200 articles in 19 issues (including this one), emphasizing ways to increase tool throughput, boost fab productivity, and improve yields.

Over the past decade, we’ve also looked at ways to reduce fab costs and environmental impacts, covered trends that shape our industry, and introduced new technologies that address complex manufacturing challenges.

As part of our 10th anniversary celebration, we decided to list our top 10 favorite Nanochip Fab Solutions articles. It turned out to be like asking a mom to choose her favorite child—because we love them all, but for different reasons! With the help of frequent contributor Dave Lammers, however, we did pare down the list. Here, in random order, are 10 favorite stories from Nanochip Fab Solutions’ first decade.

New Strategies for Fab Productivity

Fabs in the Internet of Things

Advanced Service Detects Arcing, Boosts Yield

Rev Up Your Engines

China: Investment Fever Kicks IC Industry into High Gear

MEMS Going Mainstream to Serve Consumer Markets

Texas Instruments Reinvents Itself

Big Data: Too Much of a Good Thing

Strong Engineering FOundation Supports Yield Improvement

New Vita Controller Demonstrates Performance on >1 Million Wafers

The goal of Nanochip Fab Solutions has been, and will continue to be, keeping customers informed about key industry trends and the latest product and service solutions from Applied. We hope that information will enable you to—as Charlie Pappis likes to say—“get ahead of the curve, whatever its direction.”

So keep reading, and contact us at to let us know what your favorite articles are. We want you to enjoy Nanochip Fab Solutions as much as we do!

Liz Baird


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