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VIISta® Trident™

As the complexity of chips has grown, so has the number of implant steps. Today, a CMOS integrated circuit with embedded memory may require more than 60 implant steps – many of which are critical to device performance.

Tom Parrill describes the enabling role of ion implantation and the Trident system with cryo-implant capabilities for leading-edge transistors.

The new VIISta Trident system is the semiconductor industry’s most advanced single-wafer high-current ion implantation solution. The system leverages the VIISta high-current ion implant platform’s production-proven, single-wafer architecture to set new benchmarks for energy purity, uniformity, and angle and dose rate control to meet advanced node requirements with high yield and the highest productivity.

The Trident platform combines dual-magnet ribbon beam architecture with an innovative energy purity module (EPM) to deliver sharp, controlled implant profiles. The EPM also effectively filters particles generated from beam line elements, effectively isolating the wafer from such contamination. The VIISta Trident platform is the only high-current system able to measure and correct for beam angle using a unique, closed-loop control system that delivers highly accurate and repeatable incident angle control for true zero degree and precise high-tilt implants.

The VIISta Trident Crion® configuration enhances the Trident platform with enhanced cryogenic implantation capabilities, including more efficient wafer cooling and improved temperature control, that enable damage engineering and precision materials modification applications at up to 50% higher throughput. At advanced nodes, dopant activation and elimination of end-of-range defects become significant challenges that can impede the scaling of high-performance chips. The Crion system retains the integrated wafer-cooling station from the preceding PTC II XP that eliminates pre-implant wait time.

The VIISta high-current family of systems is in production at leading-edge memory, logic, and foundry manufacturers worldwide.