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Global Services for Semiconductor, Solar and Display Industries

We have a passion for understanding and solving your manufacturing challenges. We offer consulting, spare parts, services and automation software to improve the performance and productivity of your equipment and fab operations. With a flexible supply chain, integrated with our service technology and network of experts, we can help you increase output, improve yields and reduce cost.



Enabling Performance Throughout Your Fab's Life Cycle

Whether you need to quickly ramp a new process, run new technologies or get more out of your installed base, our extensive service capabilities and engineering expertise ensure world-class performance at every stage of your fab’s life cycle.

Applied Services, Driving Peak Performance

In everything we do, Applied is committed to helping fabs achieve peak performance. We take a structured, systematic approach to problem discovery, solution development, efficient implementation and measurement of results.

Comprehensive Service, Maximum Fab Output

As your strategic partner, Applied offers innovative service technologies to support the growing complexity in your fab. Our customizable, comprehensive, service capabilities can boost tool performance and reduce your fab’s overall cost of ownership.