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Applied SmartFactory® Production Control

Production Control
Enable Better Planning and Manufacturing Decisions

SmartFactory Production Control is a factory-wide offering that enables analysis, prediction and optimization of factory operations through simulation of manufacturing and planning operations.


Semiconductor and OSAT manufacturers today are striving to optimize production and implementation. Some of the key challenges these manufacturers face include:

  • Addressing unexpected events and impact to plans and equipment utilization
  • Unable to determine impact of changes to production plans
  • Determine facility limits such as throughput, cycle time and on-time delivery
  • Easy validation of dispatching rule policy changes

Advantages of Production Control

  • Create and run "what-if" scenarios and evaluate alternative choices
  • Provide capability to simulate multiple manufacturing scenarios (short-term, mid-term, long-term) to improve planning accuracy
  • Provide a method to comprehend the current and future states of the facility and impact on key factory KPI’s
  • Replicate production dispatching in a simulation environment


As an out-of-the-box solution, it is deployed quickly and rapidly to enhance factory operations. There is a tight integration with APF RTD®, Activity Manager®, APF Fusion® and AutoSched® platforms. Production Control also supports a web-based interface for managing and analyzing simulation results.


Production Control customers increase system performance and reduce costs, leading to improved manufacturing profitability. Demonstrated results include:

  • 5-10% reduction in cycle time
  • 5-10% throughput improvement
  • 90-95% WIP prediction accuracy

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