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Low Temperature
Co-Fired Ceramic

Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) is a multilayer glass ceramic substrate and is an alternative to PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for packaging electronic circuits. LTCC is ideally suited for applications where high functional density and excellent reliability are required in extreme environmental conditions, such as automotive, telecommunication, defense and medical applications.

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The LTCC package is made by assembling multiple single layers of a ceramic/glass/organic (green) sheets. The individual sheets are punched to form the vias, and then screen printed with conductive, dielectric and resistive pastes to form the circuit elements. The layers are collated and the stack fired at 850-900°C, resulting in a robust substrate with excellent dielectric properties, low thermal expansion coefficient, and excellent thermal conductivity.The multilayer electronic circuit is then completed by mounting the active and surface mount devices on top of the fired stack.

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