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Applied SmartFactory® Statistical Process Control

Early warning of specification non-conformance

SmartFactory statistical process control (SPC) integrates measurement and process analysis data with other advanced process control (APC) and equipment engineering systems (EES), providing more in‐depth analyses, finding faster process results and out‐of‐control action plans (OCAPs)—all from a unified platform. SmartFactory SPC is integrated to Applied’s equipment control technology, the E3 platform.

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Trace Statistical Analysis And Violation Data Back To Raw Data From Process Equipment

Unlike homegrown or standalone SPC systems, SmartFactory SPC offers the ability to trace statistical analysis and violation data back to raw data from the process equipment. SPC empowers your engineers by providing rapid analysis and simplified administration of your SPC charts. From the single UI, engineers have the ability to drill down and across the data collected by other SmartFactory modules. SmartFactory SPC stores SPC, FDC, R2R and EPT data on a common platform.

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Identify Areas Of Opportunity

SmartFactory SPC delivers essential KPI tracking to help you manage your quality and identify areas of opportunity for ConC reduction. It also provides the controls and tools to establish continuous improvements to SPC activities in the fab.

SmartFactory SPC is able to be your single SPC system for your entire manufacturing facility—from managing supplier quality to shipping product out the door.

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Identify And Fix Hard‐to‐detect Variations In Processes

With SmartFactory SPC, you can integrate seamlessly with SmartFactory equipment control modules to identify process variations by detecting problematic parameters and sensors for every aspect of your manufacturing site, reducing your mean‐time‐ to‐detect (MTTD). Engineers can also automatically launch out‐of‐control action plans and easily access data required for reducing mean‐time‐to‐resolve (MTTR) and out‐of‐spec (OOS) events.

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