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Celebrating 50 Years of Materials Innovation

By Nanochip Editor

On November 10, Applied Materials celebrated it’s 50th anniversary. Marking 50 years in business is an exciting milestone for us. We look back over the past five decades and clearly we see a world transformed. Few people in 1967 would have imagined the way that electronics, computing and display would change how we live. And at Applied Materials we have had the opportunity to help make all this possible. We delivered key enabling technology, our innovations and breakthroughs fueled an industry, and the result has been a smart, responsive global network that today is changing nearly every industry and society.

This is a very exciting time for the electronics industry. We are at the start of a completely new wave of growth. The Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to transform entire industries and create trillions of dollars of economic value. As a result, we are seeing a broad spectrum of companies investing in AI-related technology. From transportation and healthcare to entertainment and retail, future success is dependent on capturing, storing and understanding vast amounts of data. This is driving major innovations in sensors, memory, storage and especially compute—which is key to turning raw data into valuable information.

We deeply believe in Applied’s vision: that our innovations make possible the technology shaping the future. That’s an amazing opportunity and a powerful responsibility. Materials engineering offers tremendous potential as a key enabler of new technology. It allows us to transform possibilities into reality and enable our customers to do things no one has ever done before. And no one in the world knows more about materials engineering than Applied Materials.

With the industry’s broadest and most innovative set of technologies, Applied Materials is focused on enabling customers to build chips and displays in entirely new ways. As we look ahead, Applied remains more committed than ever to delivering what customers need to succeed. Together, we will shape the future.

Mike McNeilly and four others launch a startup to serve the new semiconductor industry, grow to $17 million in revenue and successfully hold an IPO to take the company public.
New CEO Jim Morgan saves the company from bankruptcy, recruits Dan Maydan and top technologists, and focuses on delivering quality products for new markets, including Japan.
Applied goes global—opening across Asia—and enters the market for display. The company earns a spot in the Fortune 500 and becomes #1 in the industry, hitting $4 billion in revenue.
Growth accelerates toward the Year 2000. Applied opens in Israel and India, welcomes CEO Mike Splinter and makes a move into solar.
Applied’s leadership is recognized around the world. Under CEO Gary Dickerson, the company sets new records for performance and growth focused on innovation in materials engineering.