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nanochip fab solutions

December 2014 Issue

A Letter from Charlie Pappis—Finding What Matters

Charlie Pappis

Running a fab is not so much about "big data." It’s about "big analytics!"


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The Move to Big Data and Predictive Analytics in Semiconductor Manufacturing

James Moyne and Michael Armacost

The move from reactive to predictive analytics in semiconductor manufacturing is being enabled by the corresponding move to big data solutions for advanced process control (APC) systems.

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Advanced Data Mining Techniques to Improve IC Fab Yield

Lokesh Kulkarini, Sidda Kurakula, and Helen Armer

As fabs become increasingly data driven, data mining to extract and analyze useful information is assuming more importance.

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Feature Story: Evolution or Revolution? Big Data Creates Opportunities

David Lammers

The fab is continually becoming more data driven and requirements for data volumes, communication speeds, quality, merging, and usability need to be understood and quantified.

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New Vita Controller Demonstrates Performance on Over 1 Million Wafers

Jeffrey Dietz and Florent Ducrot

Advanced analytical and control capabilities match those used in 300mm equipment.

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Minimizing Pilot Runs with Observable R2R Control For High-Mix Semiconductor Manufacturing

Jianping Zou, PhD, Adrianto Kumara, and Kwee Thiam Lim

Pilot runs in semiconductor manufacturing are expensive. For a fab running 60,000 wafer starts per month, it could cost over $2.4 million per year for pilot runs, or $340,000 per year for each module.

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Reducing Gate Oxide Uniformity Drift in RTP Tools

Ryoto Kojima, Fujitsu Semiconductor, Ltd., and Manjunath Yedatore, Applied Materials, Inc.

Collaborative work between Fujitsu Semiconductor and Applied Materials on RTP tool performance resulted in the development of a tool health indicator that can predict the need for maintenance.

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Emerging Requirements in Real-Time Data Analysis and Management for Improved Process Control

Arun Srivatsa and Scott Bushman

Two factors have dominated recent technology transitions for both logic and memory devices and increased the challenges for process control.

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New Materials and Tools for High-Resolution and More Energy Efficient Displays

Kerry L Cunningham

The screens on today’s smartphones and tablet PCs may be stunning, but they are just a preview of what’s yet to come in the world of displays.

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A Rewarding Year

Nanochip Staff

Customer satisfaction is a key measure of business success. In 2014, Applied Materials earned more than 35 awards or commendations from customers.

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The Last Word

David Lammers

IBM Microelectronics—The Next Chapter.

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