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随着器件功耗的增加,氮化镓技术 正走向成熟

作者:Llew Vaughan-Edmunds


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Enhanced Fault Detection Comes to Semiconductor Assembly, Test and Packaging

By Chris Reeves and Ben Williams

Applied Materials’ new Applied SmartFactory® Fault Detection solution offers an economic, easy-to-implement way to improve tool and process performance in the back end.

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将工厂质量 提升至新的高度

作者: Selim Nahas


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Digital Tools Enable Service Products

By Joseph Farah

Since its founding in 1967, Applied Materials has been developing technologies that enable customers to build the world’s most-advanced semiconductor devices.

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Virtual APC Embraces Smart Manufacturing

By Nanochip Staff

APC Conference goes virtual and expands its scope to encompass evolving smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 topics; premier technical forum now called the Advanced Process Control Smart Manufacturing (APCSM) Conference.

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