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Fine Line/Wrap Around Electrodes

Thanks to the continuous focus on research and development, Applied can provide proprietary processes to accomplish the ultimate industry challenges, such as:

  • Fine line Printing down to 15 μm and line/space down to 30/30 μm
  • Wrap Around Electrodes, or Side Wiring, entirely performed by screen printing
  • Conductive traces for medical sensors
  • Honey-comb metal structures for indium tin oxide (ITO) replacement
  • Antennas for consumer electronics and white goods

The fine line printing process has been optimized for several materials, mainly silver and copper-based (e.g., micro, nano-inks, and reactive inks).

The so-called wrap-around electrode, or side wiring, is an Applied proprietary process explicitly developed for seamless tile-based microLED displays: this process allows to fully print around a substrate edge, thus enabling conduction from the top to the bottom of the substrate itself.

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