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Pharma Software

Applied SmartFactory Rx®

Quality and Productivity for Pharma Manufacturing

SmartFactory Rx software solutions provide a real-time, data-driven plant environment that senses factory productivity, predicts performance, and prescribes effective actions. It also improves visibility, drives quality, safety, yield and throughput, reduces cycle times and costs, and increases profitability.


Operations Productivity

Reclaim capacity, maximize throughput, real-time adaptive scheduling

  • Planning & scheduling
  • Hybrid rules-based & optimization techniques
  • Automated sense & response to plant floor anomalies

Analytics & Control

Increase yield, prevent deviations, assure quality

  • Monitoring & advanced control
  • Visibility, performance tracking, & operator prescription
  • Prediction engine

Knowledge Advisor

Convert operator know-how & experience into process understanding & stability

  • Capture of process knowledge
  • Reduction of performance variability & facilitation of continuous learning
  • Automated corrective actions

Predictive Maintenance

Prevent costly unscheduled downtime

  • Equipment performance modeling
  • Failure event prediction
  • Integration with maintenance and operations schedules


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