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Applied SmartFactory® Scheduling

Dynamic scheduling of lots across tool fleet
considering future demand

For production control and operations management personnel, decisions must be made several times an hour on how to fully use available equipment capacity, set lot priorities, and match lots and tools in order to reduce time lost for equipment setups. Without optimized scheduling, even efficient fabs fail to maximize capacity. Applied SmartSched™ is an optimization based scheduling system for semiconductor manufacturers that integrates lot arrival prediction with scheduling capabilities to deliver accurate production schedules every few minutes.

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Enable Production Schedule Updates

Applied SmartSched is based on the current status of the factory. It uses real‐time factory information to continually evaluate data from multiple manufacturing and plan floor systems—upstream and downstream. It produces up‐to‐the‐minute production schedule updates for lots and reticles that reflect changing delivery priorities.

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Improve Productivity & Defer Or Eliminate Investment In Lithography Equipment

With SmartSched, customers can defer or eliminate investment in additional lithography equipment by increasing litho utilization. After deploying SmartSched in production, historical data from one customer showed >1% improvement in litho utilization and 2.1% throughput improvement.

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Achieve Low Cost Of Ownership

Unlike homegrown scheduling solutions, which are expensive to develop, scale and maintain SmartSched is based on proven Applied APF technologies that have been deployed in over 200 sites worldwide for dispatching and automation solutions.

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