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Applied Global Services Upcoming Events - Spring 2014

Applied Materials participates annually in scores of industry shows, technical conferences and special events around the globe. Here are a few upcoming opportunities to connect with members of the Applied Global Services technical team.

ConferencePaper or Event
AGS Technical Symposium Series, Grenoble France; Dresden Germany
May 20 and 22, 2014
Applied Global Services' technical symposiums titled, "Innovative Solutions for Every Fab" to highlight innovative solutions that semiconductor manufacturers use to drive factory performance and enable return on investment
European Advanced Process Control and Mfg. (APCM) Conference
Rome, Italy
April 7 - 9, 2014
"The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductor Manufacturing’s (ITRS) Big Data Roadmap" - James Moyne
SEMI Texas Spring Forum: How the Internet of Things Will Impact New Manufacturing Solutions
Austin, TX
April 22, 2014
"Thick Films, New Processes, Different Materials: Manufacturing the Devices That Will Enable the Internet of Things" - Mike Rosa
25th Annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC)
Saratoga Springs, NY
May 19 - 21, 2014
"Addressing the Chamber Matching Lifecycle with Predictive Maintenance, Equipment Health Monitoring, Virtual Metrology, and Run-to-Run Control" – James Moyne
Shanghai, China
May 20 - 22, 2014

Applied Materials Solar aTECH Symposium – An Applied Materials technical event to discuss the newest inflections, challenges and innovations in the photovoltaic industry.