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nanochip fab solutions

December 2013 Issue

COVER STORY: Fabs in the Internet of Things Era

By David Lammers

As society enters the Internet of Things era, semiconductor fabs are confronted with “big data” management and other challenges in operating an increasingly connected fab.

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A Message from Our Publisher

Our new electronic delivery system will make you flip—pages that is!

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Fab-Wide Effort Increases Yield at CMOS Imager Facility

by Liming Zhang and Helen Armer

Case Study: Solving customer yield challenges across a fleet of tools.

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Power Struggle

by David Lammers

As mobile systems offer additional MEMS sensors, power is a primary challenge.

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STMicroelectronics: On Top of Key Markets

by Adele Hars

ST executive Orio Bellezza discusses how his company is using “clusters of competencies” to lead in several key markets.

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New Controller Extends Lifetime of 200mm Tools

by Jeffrey Dietz and Cheryl Knepfler

Applied’s new controller upgrade delivers a modern operating system for legacy tools.

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When Good Parts Go Bad: Repair or Replace?

by Denny Huebner

Parts repair solutions that can lower COO.

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Improving Yield with Fleet Chamber Matching

by Manjunath Yedatore, James Moyne, Jimmy Iskandar and Parris Hawkins

Matching tools running identical processes is critical for migrating to <28nm nodes. Sustaining a fleet of tools to a matched state can deliver major benefits in yield management, routing flexibility and efficiency.

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Charlie Pappis: Serving Up A Better Outcome

The Applied Global Services executive talks with Nanochip Staff about his strategy to expand the service model from traditional maintenance to strategic partner.

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Helping Customers Improve Equipment and Fab Productivity

Applied’s advanced service offerings blend expertise and technology to optimize equipment and factory productivity.

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METHODOLOGY FEATURE: Partnering With Customers to Improve Yield

by Suketu Parikh and Patrick Fernandez

Combining the top-down resolution process typically used in fabs with the tool manufacturer’s bottom-up optimizations can streamline defect resolution and shorten the time to ramp.

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Technology Transitions Shape 2014 Outlook

by David Lammers

Three prominent industry analysts preview the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the New Year.

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