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A Message from Our Publisher

Dana Tribula

VP, Strategy and CMO, Applied Global Services; Executive Publisher, Nanochip Fab Solutions

Dana Tribula Our new electronic delivery system will make you flip—pages that is. For more than a year now we’ve given our readers the option of receiving Nanochip Fab Solutions in PDF format. You loved the idea of going green and saving trees, but scrolling through a PDF document just wasn’t the same as flipping through the pages of a magazine.

So we hope you’re now enjoying our December 2013 issue in one of its two new online versions, each designed to give you the most enjoyable and efficient reader experience possible.

Our Nanochip Fab Solutions electronic flipbook includes high-resolution images and makes it easy to select, read, print or download a PDF of articles that interest you. In addition to the flipbook, the email we send you announcing each issue features individual links to every article. Clicking on an article title will take you directly to a web page where you can read a simplified version. No downloading, no waiting, and formatted for reading on a phone, tablet or computer.

Rest assured, though, that we will continue to print Nanochip Fab Solutions for anyone who prefers to receive a hard copy. If you’ve already registered to receive a printed copy we’ll keep sending to you as usual. If you’ve changed companies or have new contact information, or if you’d like to start receiving print copies, just e-mail us at There’s no charge to subscribe, and doing so will ensure that you receive a copy of every issue.

Although traditionally we publish Nanochip Fab Solutions twice a year (summer and winter), we understand that many of you would like us to publish more frequently. This fall we piloted a new electronic-only edition called Nanochip Express. This streamlined email version of the magazine features a handful of shorter articles, and will be published in the fall and spring, in between our semi-annual issues of the full-length magazine

As for the content of our publications, we’ll continue to make it as engaging and relevant as we can. This issue of Nanochip Fab Solutions focuses on how the Internet of Things is challenging manufacturers to create connected fabs, and we look at the struggle to power sensors and other components for mobile devices without compromising battery life.

We also consider yield improvement, with three articles that examine this critical issue from different perspectives. On the personal side, STMicroeletronics executive Orio Bellezza tells us how his company is using “clusters of competencies” to take the lead in several key markets. And an in-depth interview with Applied Global Services (AGS) chief, Charlie Pappis discusses the growing complexity of fab operations and how AGS is “retooling” its service offerings and delivery to keep pace. Finally, we wrap-up with Dave Lammers’ insightful look at the technology transitions that lie ahead in 2014.

Speaking of technology transitions, we encourage you to email us at the address above to let us know what you think of our new electronic formats—and the kinds of articles you’d like to see next year. Whether you read Nanochip Fab Solutions as a flipbook, a series of web articles, or a printed magazine, what’s important is that you keep reading. As long as you do, we’ll keep publishing.