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nanochip fab solutions

Summer 2017

Ali Salehpour, Senior Vice President General Manager, New Markets and Service Group

A Letter from Ali Salehpour—Breaking The Cycle: The Golden Age of Chip Manufacturing Has Begun

Industries have cycles, too—and some of them are almost as familiar as natural ones. Over the last few decades, for example, semiconductor manufacturing has been largely driven by the computer industry, with predictable upturns to support new PC launches, and then equally predictable downturns later.

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By David Lammers


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全新 FabVantage 服務改善設備性能

By Roman Mostovoy, PhD

隨著器件變得更小,封裝更密集,集成電路日益復雜,缺陷降低也變得更難,但仍然是芯片制造商保持競爭力的關鍵。晶圓代工廠、存儲器件和邏輯器件制造廠需要一套方法、多樣化的技能和專業化的工具來有效降低缺陷水平,同時最大程度減少對生產的干擾。應用材料公司 FabVantage™ 咨詢團隊推出了全新的缺陷降低服務,提供專業化的方法、工藝專業知識、數據分析技術和診斷儀器來簡化根本原因的識別過程。

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Wireless Everywhere: Connecting the Chip Industry's New Golden Age

The wireless landscape is becoming far more sophisticated as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and mesh networks such as Zigbee and Thread take hold. When Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Lucio Lanza was asked what the Next Big Thing is likely to be for the semiconductor industry, he gave exactly the right answer: "connectivity."

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X-Fab Rides IPO to New Growth

With a successful initial public offering (IPO) now behind it, X-FAB Silicon Foundries is readying a capacity expansion drive for increased MEMS and analog/mixed-signal IC production across the six fabs it operates.

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Smartphones Evolve to Meet the Demands of Virtual Reality

By Kerry Cunningham

When you put on a virtual reality (VR) headset you are transported to another world, a place where reality is just a whim of the imagination. What’s far from imaginary, though, is the impact VR is having on all of us, whether we personally use VR headsets or not.

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提高應用材料公司 VIISta™離子注入機生產效率

By: Daniel Simon

離子注入設備對半導體制造廠商必不可少,因為制造柵極和阱等晶體管結構時必須向硅中注入砷、硼和磷等摻雜劑。無論客戶是生產最先進的 300 毫米數字邏輯和存儲電路,是利用 200 毫米工藝構建模擬、功率和其他產品,還是制造 CMOS 圖像傳感器,都需要離子注入設備。

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What's New in MEMS?

By Mike Rosa, PhD.

While the MEMS market has matured in recent years, there’s still a lot of healthy growth ahead as new device technologies come to market and segment stalwarts (IMUs, RF MEMS, etc.) see device volumes rise with further adoption in end-user applications.

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The Last Word

By David Lammers

When I set out this spring to interview several Applied Materials engineers for a Nanochip Express article about the company’s annual Engineering Technology (ET) conferences, I didn’t realize I would learn so much about how engineers think—and relate.

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