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nanochip fab solutions

Building a Sustainable Supply Chain For a Better Future

By Gary Dagastine

Applied Materials’ efforts to build a robust and sustainable supply chain for semiconductor and display manufacturing received increased focus earlier this year when the company announced its Supply Chain Certification for Environmental and Social Sustainability initiative (SuCCESS2030).

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適用於新興市場 光子元件技術

By Shiva Rai

近年來,發光二極體 (LED) 照明已被大量採用。雷射、光偵測器、microLED 和 光子積體電路 (PIC) 等光子元件成為一系列新技術的建構模組,包括了人臉識別、 3D 感測和雷射成像、偵測和測距(雷射雷達)等。

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OLED: 顯示器的下一個大事件

作者 Kerry Cunningham

在多年的希望和期盼下,電視、筆記 型電腦和桌上型的電腦螢幕終於開始 採用大尺寸 OLED 顯示器。

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Control and Diagnostics Innovation in the “New Normal”

By David Lammers

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated collaborative-while-remote development in the semiconductor industry because travel restrictions and improved cloud security have encouraged more semiconductor fabs to allow controlled visibility into fab data, according to participants at the Advanced Process Control and Smart Manufacturing (APCSM) 2020 Conference, held virtually in early October.

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