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微機電系統 (MEMS)

MEMS 元件擴大使用範圍 (包括加速度計、陀螺儀和麥克風等應用),成為行動、汽車和醫療設備市場持續轉型的主要動力。隨著多功能的發展,或「組合」感測器封裝 MEMS 元件占用面積更小,使得類似形狀因子的產能加倍,因而加速元件的採用。要實現這些組合元件需要使用新材料和元件整合方案,其中包括沉積和蝕刻厚磊晶以使功率降低,以及…

In addition to thick Epi and deep reactive ion etch (DRIE), MEMS manufacturers are implementing novel materials like ultra-thick oxides (>20µm), AlN, piezo-electric materials (e.g. PZT) and low temperature CMOS compatible films such as SiGe. They are also moving to new packaging processes like through silicon vias (TSV) which facilitate device stacking.

With much of the growth from consumer devices, time to market and cost are increasing challenges for MEMS makers and increases the need for high productivity, high yield production tools. To support this, Applied is developing new 200mm capability on our production proven platforms for these and other technology challenges in the MEMS market.